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At Allure Lifestyle Communities, there are countless opportunities for our residents to discover new interests, make new connections, and live vibrantly. Our goal is to create an enriching and engaging environment of whole-body wellness, culture, warmth, and social fulfillment. Here you will find additional resources to enhance your next chapter in life.

Our Resident Experience Calendar is brimming with exciting, enriching adventures. Guests are welcome at a variety of events throughout the month. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of our exceptional Lewisville retirement community. To RSVP for one of our public events, please visit our Events page. We can’t wait to meet you!


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Residents of Haven at Lewisville Lake, out on the patio.

What is the LIFE of Allure?

When you move into an Allure Lifestyle Community, you will quickly realize that everything we do is centered around our customized lifestyle program, the LIFE. The Allure Lifestyle enables you to immerse yourself in all that life has to offer: more friendship, more fun, and more freedom to experience each day on your terms.


The LIFE is our signature program designed to allow our active adult residents to embrace the best chapter of their lives, incorporating seven alluring lifestyle values focused on independence, friendship, and enthusiasm. In a nutshell, the LIFE is about living a life of more.


You might be wondering, what are the seven values of the Allure Lifestyle? Let’s break down each one below.


A Creative Life.

Our senior communities provide new possibilities, discoveries, exploration, experimentation, self-expression, and invention. We provide you with various avenues to explore your creativity and try new things. You will never be short on inspiration.


A Healthy Life.

As an active adult 55+ community, we understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We provide various fitness opportunities, meeting our residents where they are currently and helping them stay active and healthy. We are committed to helping our residents age vibrantly.


A Playful Life.

Play is powerful. Enjoy a game with friends, while having conversations full of laughter. Playfulness keeps us all young at heart and allows us to be our authentic selves without worry or concern. When we allow ourselves moments of play and joy, we truly allow ourselves to live a life of more.


An Inquisitive Life.

At Allure Lifestyle Communities, we believe one should never stop learning or being curious. Our communities provide numerous opportunities for residents to open their minds and hearts. Whether it is attending a seminar or class, we provide the means to expand knowledge and spark passions.


A Mindful Life.

Similar to A Healthy Life, the Allure Lifestyle is focused on active senior living, which is just as much mental as it is physical. The brain plays a powerful role in one’s overall wellness, which is why we are dedicated to offering a brain-healthy lifestyle to help you maintain your edge.


A Social Life.

Humans are social beings and the Allure Lifestyle embraces that. In our communities, you will be able to create genuine connections with other residents that will result in new friendships. These relationships can have a significant impact on overall well-being, which is why our social communities are the perfect solution for active aging adults.


A Centered Life.

Many of our residents view their move into an Allure Lifestyle Community as a new chapter in their lives, allowing the opportunity for self-reflection and maybe even self-discovery. We encourage emotional and spiritual exploration to enrich the souls of our residents by offering opportunities to find inner peace, gratitude practices, and mindfulness exercises.


As you can see, the Allure Lifestyle is so much more than an activity program or events schedule - it is the foundation of everything we do and offer. The LIFE program encourages residents to live their best lives and helps them be the best versions of themselves along the way.


If this type of lifestyle is something you are looking for, we invite you to come to visit our community and experience it for yourself. We guarantee that what you will find inside an Allure Lifestyle Community is a life of more, waiting for you to join us.

Residents riding their bikes near Haven at Lewisville Lake in Lewisville, Texas.
Resident enjoying a cup of coffee outside at Haven at Lewisville Lake in Lewisville, Texas.

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